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Werm Flooring

WERM Flooring Systems stand for “We Eliminate Rubber Mats”. This system does not let Urine, Feces or water seep back down to your original trailer floor. The WERM Flooring can be power washed out with any power washed after each use or after a year of uses, it doesn’t matter. It is sealed to the walls and floor protecting your floor for a lifetime of maintenance free use. This is a non-slip surface that is textured and acts as a cushion for your horse to stand on. WERM Flooring is a mixture of virgin rubber and glue that is then poured like cement onto your original horse trailer floor bonding to the primer that was poured prior. We then trowel the floor just like cement leaving a nice flat finish that is about ½” Thick.

WERM rubber flooring comes in a variety of colors to match your farm colors or trailer colors. Don’t be fooled by imitation flooring that forces you to drill holes in your floor that creates a “Drain” for horse Urine. This does not work, the holes plug up with shavings and it will create a trailer filled with an ammonia smell from the horse urine that will knock you off your feet! Contact us today to pour your trailer, it doesn’t matter if it is used or new we can pour it in any trailer. We are your contact for WERM Flooring in the Mid-West so feel free to call 269-463-6121 or contact Triple C Trailer Sales Inc. today for a price.

WERM Flooring Systems for horse trailers from Triple C Trailer Sales Inc.

WERM Flooring Systems

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